Our Technology

Copilot Conversational AI Conversational AI's copilot excels because it is equipped with the strongest AI models with LLMs technology, such as Claude 2 and GPT-4. Copilot converses with you in contrast to simple search engines that return prompt responses, it poses a query.

  1. Deeper dialogue

Sustain the context of the conversation while giving thoughtful, customized answers. By adjusting to the speech patterns, delivery methods, and discussion context of users, they enhance the naturalness and interest of interactions.

  1. Improved comprehension of user intent

Based on previous encounters, these models forecast user actions, allowing for customized answers.

  1. Personalized education

Change the way that people learn by transforming lectures into engaging quests or interactive tests. Teachers can even set projects using AI-generated responses, which students can utilize as study aids.

  1. A private business assistant

LLMs assist with business duties such as appointment scheduling, document summarization, and translation. They increase worker productivity by offering counsel and reminders.

Anonymous AI

Empowering artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently send and receive cryptocurrency between blockchains while protecting anonymity and security. By severing the on-chain connection between the depositor and receiver addresses, Athenas AI facilitates transactional confidentiality.

Utilize Athenas AI to purchase, exchange, and swap your preferred tokens and memecoins, transcending blockchain limitations.

Multilingual AI

Athenas AI can generate accurate answers in 28 languages, including formal and informal language. For activities like information retrieval, where users may search for information in multiple languages, multilingual AI is essential.

No matter what language is used to describe the information, a model trained on a variety of multilingual data sets will be able to comprehend and retrieve it more effectively.

Legal document analysis, market and competitive analysis, global content moderation, educational tools for e-learning, machine translation, and other uses are all possible with it.

Autonomous AI

Large language models serve as the primary controllers for these intelligent autonomous agents, which use them to accomplish predetermined objectives expressed in natural language.

Three components support the LLM as the agent's brain in an LLM-powered autonomous agent system: planning, memory, and tool use. Planning, reasoning, actioning, assessing, and summarizing are among the tasks that LLMs oversee within the autonomous agent. To use specific technologies, they make use of language reasoning, common sense information, and practical insights. It is not necessary for one LLM to perform every one of these tasks; several LLMs may be given more specific responsibilities. Similar to the specialized regions of a brain, this division not only maximizes costs but also improves production efficiency.

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